Drive - Thru

Ri Williamson

  • 1 Mar - 19 Mar, 2004

Drive-thru is a look at the current epidemic of package or ‘ready-made’ housing and rampant, rolling subdivision. It features Tumble-Haven, an architectural model sized extracted view of these socio-spatial constructions.

While in its early stages, Tumble-Haven illustrates the climate of these new developments, intent on fabricating ‘community’. With its wide roads, grass verges and pleasant water features, sculpture and ease of mobility,Tumble-Haven demonstrates the saccharine sterility, plasticity and façade of these new instances of living and promise of  ‘easi-lifestyle’.

Ready acceptance of new property developments is as widespread as this phenomenon is sprawling. The alarming generic and conformist mentality which subdivisions generate abounds. All potential decision-making opportunities are reduced, removed or clearly marked.

Perhaps a marketing slogan for Tumble-Haven could be ‘You couldn’t possibly stub your toe if you tried.’

Drive-thru is made up of 4 slices of the landscape ofTumble-Haven. Each work protrudes from the corners or the walls of the Gallery. The bases are constructed of coated polystyrene, functioning as plinths, and eluding to the veneer of package housing, their form illustrative of a simplified landscape.

Ri Williamson, 2004.