From the Corner of My Eye

Amanda Watson / Angela Keoghan / Barbara Smith / Eliza Webster / Emily Rumney / Gareth Williams / Lauren Mann / Leafa Wilson / Lynda Wilson / Nell Nutsford / Sarah Munro / Stephanie Chalmers / Tony Nicholls

  • 4 Sep - 9 Oct, 2020
  • Opening event: 3 Sep, 4pm

From the Corner of My Eye

By Lynda Wilson


Something found, something made, something collected, something saved

Something textured, something smooth, something transparent, something hued

A couple of months back, I gave my studio a decent clean out.  I will be ruthless I vowed to myself.  I will not hold onto scraps of materials, old artworks, potentially useful things, miscellaneous who knows what it is or where it’s come from.  And I did quite well, kind of.  Marie Kondo would be proud, maybe?

It’s just that there are certain things that when I look at them, or hold them, feel their texture, enjoy their colour or observe how light plays across their surface, I just can’t throw them out.  They give me joy. And Marie says if it gives me joy, I can keep it!  But does it count for a little piece of blackened copper?  Or the vague idea of an artwork in the form of two pieces of balsa glued together?  What about a rumpled piece of paper that has been caught in the printer?  Surely, these things are worthy of saving?


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