Lost Weekend

Andrea Low

  • 27 Apr - 18 May, 2007

"Our family holidays were always spent at the beach. There's been a lot of time in cars getting there and back. Not much has changed; we still drive hours to get to the sea. Lost Weekend is a collection of images derived from a readymade narrative; the road trip, more specifically the road trip that takes you to the beach and brings you home again. There are many possibilities for modifying the material collected on these journeys: rephotographing, filming, arranging. Perception is brought in to question. Images framed by the windows of the car in motion are shifty and out of focus, disconcerting, approximate. They are of course fragmentary but are they untrustworthy? You could say they were fictionalised accounts based on actual events."

-Andrea Low, April 2007

Andrea Low Biography:

Andrea Low is an Auckland based artist. She completed her Master of Fine Arts in sculpture at Elam in 1995 and works in the fields of installation, photography, moving image, design and sculpture. For the past five years she has been a lecturer at Elam School of Fine Arts. In her own practice Andrea has most recently been engaged in making large scale works for public spaces, including Otahuhu Youth & Recreation Sculpture Commission, Hopetoun Street Entrance Sculpture Wall and Ponsonby Road Gates.