Open Book

Andrew Kennedy / Anita Tótha / Ann Shelton / David Cook / Fiona Short / Haruhiko Sameshima / Harvey Benge / Mark Purdom / Shaun Waugh / Shelley Jacobson / Solomon Mortimer / Tim J. Veling

  • 28 Apr - 13 May, 2016

Ramp is opening two shows that will run concurrently, both exploring the photograph in different forms - see Urban Parallels for more information.

Open Book consists of twelve new photobook works. Its premise is to provoke artists’ experimentation with the book form and to position the book as a gallery experience. Each artist has been given autonomy to pursue and realise a project of their individual interest. To experience it, you are invited to open a book.

Artists: Harvey Benge, David Cook, Shelley Jacobson, Andrew Kennedy, Solomon Mortimer, Mark Purdom, Haruhiko Sameshima, Ann Shelton, Fiona Short, Anita Tótha, Tim J. Veling and Shaun Waugh.

Join us for the opening of 'Open Book' and 'Urban Parallels' at lunchtime on Wednesday 27 Apr, 12 - 1pm.  Light refreshments provided.


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Open Book / Urban Paralells
Ramp Gallery
28 Apr - 13 May, 2016
Opening preview Wed 27 Apr, 12-1pm

The photograph on a wall, often framed or impossibly glossy, asks the viewer to step back and admire, but not to touch.  This joint exhibition at Ramp Gallery explores the photograph in a more tactical and, perhaps, down-to-earth way.

Open Book brings a group of commissioned photo-books, set out in the style of a reading room, into the gallery.  Inviting visitors to sit, flick, rummage and enjoy.  The reading of a photo-book becomes a slower experience than is often afforded in the walk through of a gallery space.  Within the pages of the photo-book each artist also enjoys a heightened sense of control.  The paper-stock chosen, the format, the length and the pacing of the photographs all contribute to the reading experience.

Open Book has been shown in three spaces before this (its last) outing at Ramp Gallery.  Some of the pages are beginning to look dog-eared and used.  This can only add to the sense of permission and enticement to take the time to experience these beautiful works.

Urban Parallels, is a type of visual conversation.  As brothers, artists and researchers living on opposite sides of the world, Xavier and Reo Meade both find themselves drawn to urban graffiti and poster art as they travel. Urban Parallels brings together photographic images taken by each of them over 5 continents, highlighting their continued connection.

One photograph presented, the archive rummaged, one placed in response.  This back and forward that occurs creates links and connections between the giver and receiver. As a viewer to the resulting pairs, connections are made bouncing between countries and continents, and referring us back to our own experiences and memories.  We are reminded of the political and socially conscious potential of these images and the need for a public space to be heard.

Take your time to explore the photobooks and images in these exhibitions – and remember please do touch the artwork.

Wendy Richdale
Curator - Ramp Gallery