Out of Place

Danielle Foster

  • 11 Jun - 30 Jul, 2020

As we come out of lockdown together and begin the process of recovery from a world-wide pandemic, many of us may have found ourselves not only looking forward but also reflecting back and trying to learn from our experiences.

Restriction to our dwellings may have revealed the impact that these and other environments have on our bodies and minds. Alongside these shifts in spaces, the influence of others on our lives as experienced in isolation from friends, family and colleagues may be more noticeable.

This painting series by artist Danielle Foster deals with these ideas among others, that feeling Out of Place can make us more aware of the impact our environments have on our daily lives.

This exhibition is presented entirely online.

We invite you to download the exhibition catalogue to read and view the essay and works.


Download the Catalogue here

Danielle Foster Catalogue