Paper Scissors Rock

Lonnie Hutchinson

  • 29 Jun - 27 Jul, 2007

Acknowledging and informed by the rich cultural resources of her Polynesian heritage (Maori -Ngai Tahu, Samoan), Lonnie Hutchinson is a multi media, installation and performance artist who exhibits throughout Australasia and internationally. Drawing lies at the base of Lonnie's practise which is as much influenced by contemporary, advertising, hip hop, graffiti art and popular culture as by Polynesian aesthetics and art forms, juxtaposing negative and positive elements of space.

Hutchinson signature works comprise of decorative cut outs made from black builder's paper that reference traditional arts (siapo, tivaevae, weaving and the missionary introduction of domestic needlework skills into the Pacific). Maori Kowhaiwhai, koru motifs, Polynesian designs and frangipani forms alternate with pigeon cut-outs or 'Scary Spice' like silhouettes. These decorations create a delicate interplay of space, light and shadow that bridge socio/political/gender and cultural concerns. Three particular examples: Black pearl, black birding - slavery, Sister Girl, the legacy of Catholicism and Sister Seven,representing Lonnie's spiritual experience and response to the mountainous tribal landscapes of her Ngai Tahu ancestors.

In RAMP Gallery Hutchinson will use a fresh approach to her art making and at the same time enable the audience to participate in the making of the work. Instead of bringing her art works packed in boxes ready to be unwrapped and neatly distributed in the gallery space, she will be carrying the raw materials of her craft and during her stay will draw, paint and sculpt directly on the gallery walls.

Hutchinson wants to make this an interactive process by opening the gallery and inviting an audience to view the working process. She wants to break the pattern - in the traditional art gallery space the audience will only see the finished work and are therefore not able to participate in the creative process, the struggle, the hassle and the potential joy when it is all over. In the exhibition at RAMP, Hutchinson will explore the synergy between music and the visual arts by playing her favourite sound as a backdrop to her active production. The audience can move and swing with early 80's rock, old school hip-hop and other favourites.

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