Ramp seminar Series

John Mandelberg / Xavier Meade

  • 29 Apr - 13 May , 2004

The Ramp Seminar Series is an annual event of seminars, exhibitions and screenings by staff in the Department of Media Arts, Wintec, Hamilton.


Off the Wall: plakates, affiches, carteles, posters
Curated by John Mandelberg and Xavier Meade
29 April - 5 May

Translation: Gallery Sleepover
By Leafa Wilson
6 - 13 May



Thursday 29 April:

John Mandelberg and Xavier Meade discuss Off the Wall

Anthony Byrt discusses The Velvet Rickshaw

Thursday 6 May:

Leafa Wilson discusses Translation: Gallery Sleepover

Lisa Benson: Time and Time Again

Dave Gardener talks about his work

Wednesday 12 May:

(As part of Moving Image Film Club)

Screenings of new work by Moving Image lecturers Keith Hill and Paul Judge.