School of Media Arts Staff

  • 5 Jul - 9 Jul, 2021

Rauhī | Wintec School of Media Arts staff Ramp Gallery exhibition 


Exhibition opening: Friday 2nd July, 4.30pm

Exhibition runs: 5-9 July

In this exhibition, staff from Wintec School of Media Arts (SoMA) gather together to showcase their varied creative practices and will shed some light on the diverse making that takes place outside of teaching and office hours.

Many thanks to SoMA academic administrator Mata who suggested the name Rauhī for the staff exhibition many months ago. Translated to english it means to collect, gather and place together, a fitting concept to apply to the gathering of this mahi (work).

We hope that this show will provide inspiration to current students who are building their creative career by getting a glimpse into how SoMA's practitioners traverse the making and work life terrain, whether it be through employed research outputs, side hustles or collaborative projects within the community.