The enchanted domestic landscape

Lynda Wilson

  • 20 Apr - 6 May, 2010

The Enchanted Domestic Landscape: An evocation of places through constructions of sculpture and photography

Lynda Wilson teaches Art and Design at Media Arts Wintec.

This exhibition marks the completion of her masters degree in Fine Arts from RMIT Melbourne.

The departure point for the work is the domestic commonplace.  It is a particular New Zealand 50s -6os interior place where the furniture has become the stage for gentle bio-morphic growths. Pastel cups and saucers become alien architecture and crochet doilies sprout from the formica. The table top scale of the work remains consistent through the various pieces so that a mad-hatters- tea-party -effect is generated with we, the viewers, as guests.

The (pre-digital) play of children commands everyday objects to become fantastic, mobile and set for adventure. Wilson mines this inclination to 'make believe' with an informed and affectionate awareness of nostalgia, the passing of time, and the potential energy and magic contained in materials and objects.