Liz Callaway: Singing is storytelling

Liz Callaway and Aimie Cronin

5 Oct. 2020

Ramp connects with Liz Callaway, a Tony nominated, Emmy award winning singer and performer who has provided the...

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Kereama Taepa: Go Hard!

Kereama Taepa, Aimie Cronin

21 Sep. 2020

Ramp connects with artist Kereama Taepa, whose work explores ideas around identity and belonging. One of his latest...

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Susan Rogers: a calling to music

Susan Rogers and Aimie Cronin

7 Sep. 2020

Ramp connects with Susan Rogers, a music production & engineering professor at Berklee whose industry work has...

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Toby Morris: reaching the masses

Toby Morris and Aimie Cronin

24 Aug. 2020

Ramp connects with comic and The Spinoff creative director Toby Morris whose clear, informative and engaging work on...

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Yah-Leng Yu & Arthur Chin: making projects that matter

Yah-Leng Yu, Arthur Chin and Aimie Cronin

10 Aug. 2020

Ramp connects with Yah-Leng Yu and Arthur Chin whose Singapore-based design company Foreign Policy aims to make a...

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Ramp Connects with photographer Mark Hamilton who boldly took up photography and made it his career when life was...

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Faith Wilson:"On finding her place in the world".

Faith Wilson, Aimie Cronin

13 Jul. 2020

Episode Summary: Ramp Connects with artist and writer Faith Wilson whose work has seen her travel extensively and...

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David Farrier: "We're all in this together"

David Farrier, Aimie Cronin

22 Jun. 2020

Episode Summary Ramp Connects with journalist, film maker, writer and provocateur David Farrier who says “on a...

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