Artist in conversation: Neda Nourmohammadi

Neda Nourmohammadi

  • Mon 13 Nov, 12 - 1pm, 2017
  • Neda Nourmohammadi in conversation with Gallery Curator Wendy Richdale
  • Ramp Gallery

Join us in the gallery for a relaxed conversation with artist Neda Nourmohammadi, about her current exhibition Patiently, Insistently, Intensively over coffee and biscuits.

Exploring her own Iranian identity, Neda uses art as an empowering means, cracking open clichés by challenging and debunking misconceptions contained in simplified, ideological representations of Iranian society. Iranian representations are typically saturated with Islamic and political concepts. In her works, Neda addresses these principal themes and explores the complex and paradoxical identities found within.

By employing Iranian cultural and Islamic motifs, mixed with feminine elements, this exhibition creates a space for portraying and then resisting the despotic theocratic system that regulates Iranian society, and in particular, the lives of women. 

Neda states that her focus is to open a new window on the face of a nation by presenting the younger spirit of a new Iran, one that has reconnected with the wider world. Through this process, Neda reclaims her identity with works that celebrate determination, power, and optimistic resistance.

Patiently / Insistently / Intensively at Ramp Gallery is the creative component to Neda Nourmohammadi’s doctoral research at the University of Waikato.