White Rainbow

Cat Fooks / Johl Dwyer / Judy Darragh / Kirstin Carlin / Peter Gouge / Richard Maloy / Saskia Leek / Selina Foote

  • 23 Apr - 23 May, 2018
  • Curated by Karl Chitham

When white light passes through a prism it becomes a spectrum of colour, opening our eyes and changing what we think we perceive into something far more expansive – a literal rainbow of possibility.

White Rainbow is an exploratory mission to re-frame the spatial and perceptual notions of the white cube space. Using cardboard and colour as his chosen materials Richard Maloy transforms this pristine environment - renegotiating typical understandings of surface, colour and flow. The viewer is forced to rethink their preconceptions of this gallery space and how it operates.

Adding to this sense of disorientation, a series of works are hung within and adjacent to Maloy’s unique environment. Each of these paintings, while conforming to some of the conventions of the art form, have their own part to play in this unusual scenario. 

Featuring works by Kirstin Carlin , Judy Darragh, Selina Foote, Peter Gouge, Saskia Leek,  Cat Fooks and Johl Dwyer this exhibition suggests you are encountering something that defies easy explanation. It is a riot of colour and abstracted surface punctuated by moments of otherness, a shift in gear allowing the viewer to get their bearings.

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This exhibition is a collaboration between Tauranga Art Gallery and Ramp Gallery.

This exhibition has been generously supported by Area Design.


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